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Corrie Spoiler

Published on July 20, 2009 under Celebrity Gossip,Soaps

Ashley has spent a sleepless night in the hospital’s relatives’ room worrying about Claire. When Lloyd arrives, Ashley reveals that Claire’s had a pulmonary embolism. The doctors eventually allow Ashley in to see Claire but he’s thrown into a panic when he’s asked to leave the room as her monitors begin bleeping.

Ashley’s relieved when the doctor later confirms that Claire is alive and as she opens her eyes, Ashley tells her that she’s in hospital, before revealing that she was pregnant but has lost the baby. He kisses her hand and fights back tears.

Deirdre is hopeful of a promotion within the council but when she goes into work she doesn’t get the news she was hoping for. Instead of being offered a promotion, she’s told that she has to apply for her own job!

She doesn’t get much sympathy off Ken, however, as he’s noticed Peter’s reluctance to attend his alcoholism meeting and offers to go with him. Peter eventually agrees but he hadn’t bargained on Deirdre and Blanche inviting themselves along, too.

Meanwhile, tensions are running high at Number 7 as Maria feeds baby Liam. Helen disapproves of Ozzy sitting nearby and tells Maria exactly what she thinks. Maria, however, has had enough of Helen’s interfering and summons Tony to rescue her from the in-laws. Tony’s only too happy to oblige.

Julie encourages Sean to pursue Leon, so he heads for the gym Jacuzzi. Deciding to go for the sympathy vote, he pretends to cry and says that Jason has dumped him. Will this his tactics work?

Elsewhere, Norris is suffering with his bunions and isn’t willing for his brother Ramsey to help.