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Coronation Street Spoiler! 3rd April

Published on March 31, 2009 under Celebrity Gossip,Soaps

As Simon’s life hangs in the balance, Ken berates himself for not listening to Deirdre and tackling Peter’s drink problem before it came to this. Peter’s also devastated, having spent a sleepless night at Simon’s bedside. As he prays for him to regain consciousness, Peter vows to never drink again – all too aware that he nearly killed his own son who isn’t out of the woods yet.

Meanwhile, Ken’s had time to think about his own dark deeds and when he visits Martha, he finally admits that he’s a married man. Martha feels hurt and betrayed as she trembles with rage. Will Ken be able to plead his case?

Back on the Street, Tara turns up at Dev’s telling him she’s sorry for overreacting yesterday. Dev’s guilt-ridden, knowing Lisa’s in the bedroom. But as he arranges to meet her in the pub later to talk, Tara’s none the wiser. Will he come clean about his one-night stand?

Fiz drags Chesney to school against his will, despite his claims that he hates it. Fiz is furious with him, however, when she discovers that he’s been skiving again. She phones the headmaster to arrange a meeting but while she’s making the call, Chesney attempts a quick getaway.

Rita tries to get Norris to admit that he doesn’t really want to go travelling with Mary but Norris adamant – he’s looking forward to it.

And Michelle offers Peter her support, reassuring him she’ll help him get through this.