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Coronation Street Spoiler 25th february

Published on February 25, 2009 under Celebrity Gossip,Soaps

Ken is almost caught out when Deirdre innocently asks Ted if he enjoyed the play. Never one to be slow on the uptake, Ted goes along with Ken’s lies but when Deirdre leaves the café, he tackles Ken as to what’s really going on with Martha.

Later, Ken is surprised and a little embarrassed when he arrives at Martha’s to find Ted already there. Ted makes it clear that he knows Ken has feelings for Martha and suggests he get things sorted out.

Tony is less than impressed by Luke’s soft management style, which even extends to making cups of tea for the staff. But Luke knows that he can uncover a lot of information from the workers and realises that he’s really starting to get under Tony’s skin.

Joe receives a brochure through the post from Len detailing the new development as well as a contract for the kitchen fitting. Joe is sorely tempted to accept the deal and when Tina tells him that she’s unhappy about him taking handouts from Gail, he makes it clear that he isn’t happy about her standing up in court and telling a pack of lies.

Liz and Lloyd head off for a brewery do leaving Becky in charge – things are going well until a coach party arrives and she finds herself stretched to the limit. When a fed up Kelly starts helping herself to drinks, Becky sees red and throws Kelly out onto the Street, just as Liz and Lloyd return.

Elsewhere, Rita shows Eileen the pendant Colin has bought her for her birthday.