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Celebrity Big Brother Update

Published on January 5, 2009 under Celebrity Big Brother 2009,Celebrity Gossip

So the housemates have had a few days to settle in and get to know each other, and so far, no one has been chucked out!!

It’s becoming apparrent that Ulrika Jonsson could be the first celebrity for the chop as she has already been selected to nominations this week. I can’t see the show’s producers being too happy with this kick in the teeth, as Channel 4 splashed out nearly £200,000 for the Swede to appear on the show, making her the most expensive contestant in the show’s history.

The bosses thought that Jonsson would reveal all the juicy details of her previous high-profile relationships with other celebrities such as John Leslie and Sven-Goran Eriksson. But with Friday’s eviction looming, she could be gone!! If Ulrika was to leave, she would have earnt just over £1,000 for every hour she spent in the house!

The house has been fairly ‘normal’ so far, with not too much happening – clearly obvious for viewers as ratings dropped from 6.4 million to just 3 million people tuning in; and that was only after 1 day!!

The first celebrity Head of House was chosen this week, with Terry Christian given that role, to make his head just that little bigger. The full job description of this role isn’t too clear, except everyone else is really nice to him, and he has a more comfortable bed, in his private quarters. As well as this, he has been given the power to select who is up for nominations; with his first victim being Ulrika.

Lucy Pinder has been given a bit of air time, and I’m not being funny, but I don’t think there’s ever been a posh Page Three girl… Apart from that, not much else has really happened – except for a Scouser and a Jackson becoming close friends!!

Lets just hope the pace picks up a little over the next few weeks, or Channel 4 could lose viewers altogether!

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