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Buster’s Eastenders Preview

Published on December 15, 2008 under Celebrity Gossip,Soaps

Soap opera’s are always at their best around Christmas time, and each week, i’ll be bringing you up to date with the weeks main storylines and a few plot spoilers to keep you gasping!

So onto this weeks Eastenders :


Things are hotting up in Albert Square as saucy and slightly scary Suzy comes face to face with her ex Ahmet. He demands the return of his gold bar. Suzy manages to persuade Phil to sort the problem out, and in turn, Phil approaches Ahmet with a cash settlement. The only problem is Ahmet has prviously been duped by Suzy before with the same pregnancy trick she is trying on with Phil. So instead of going, he hangs around and tells Suzy to get even more money from Phil, or the games up!

This is just the beginning of a traumatic week for scheming Suzy – desperate to escape Walford, she has things well in hand to flee to Paris, but spots an opportunity when she spies Phil with a wad of cash that hasn’t yet been banked! She knows he’s put it in the Vic’s safe, and tricks Roxy into showing her the combination. Later that night as she prepares to flee, she again tricks Roxy into letting her upstairs on her own – while she struggles with the lock, she is unaware that Archie is standing rigth behind her! In true Susie style, she worms her way out of the predicatment with the offer of sex!

The other major storyline this week is the return of Janine Butcher! Janine was last seen in Eastenders several years ago, and as those who remember her will testify, the Square was never a dull place with Janine around.

The storyline with Janine involves a wedding in a synagogue with a man about 3 times her age, Pat gatecrashing the wedding, and Janine claiming Pat is mentally unstable! I can’t wait!

Cornotion Street spoilers coming up next!