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Brookstein’s Bitterness

Published on December 22, 2008 under Celebrity Gossip,X Factor

In the wake of Alexandra Burke’s recent success, former Xfactor winner Steve Brookstein has confessed of some serious bitterness about the new singing sensation.

Brookstein received 5.5 million votes on his way to winning the XFactor crown, that is 800,000 more than this years winner!

“I resented the fact I was just perceived as a pub singer,” says Steve. “The judges don’t really care what’s good. It’s all about personality – if you’re marketable, if you’re easy to work with.”

He added “You’re trying to ruin my career. And I’m branded as bitter. Well, no surprise there! It did take a long time to be philosophical, and not be angry about it.”

Despite having a number one single, and album with his record label, Steve was dropped just a few months after his X-Factor triumph. After his setback, Steve again tried to resurrect his recording career, unfortunately, his follow up efforts with a new label were a travesty!!