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Booze Brother

Published on January 9, 2009 under Celebrity Big Brother 2009,Celebrity Gossip

This week the housemates participated in a protest, in order to strike against the ‘cruel’ Big Brother Bosses, for not giving them alcohol!

Coolio said: “We are protesting. At midnight tonight we are not talking until we get booze.”

That will last?

Lucy chipped in: “Can you add hair straighteners to that?”

Radio DJ Terry joked: “No, we are thirsty individuals.”

Terry, Tommy and Coolio then tried to persuade Verne to enter the diary room and sweet-talk Big Brother.

“Tell them you don’t feel like you can truly be yourself unless you’re drunk,” said Tommy.

Terry added: “Tell them it’s for your condition.”

The Mini-Me star didn’t seem keen!

Verne finally agreed to enter the diary room, but only with Terry and Coolio in tow. The troublesome trio returned unsuccessfully.

“They’re heartless,” said Terry, “they just don’t care.”