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Is it the end for Shabby and Caoimhe

Published on July 1, 2010 under Big Brother 2010

For some reason, even though she has a boyfriend who she has said she wants to marry, Shabby still thinks Caoimhe fancies her. Last night their whole weird, flirty, one-sided love affair came to a head after Shabby decided she’s had enough of the Irish housemate “leading her on”. Ife warned Caoimhe to be careful after she groped one of Shabby’s boobs in the garden, saying that BB would edit the footage to make out the pair were having some sort of fling. Furious Caoimhe then ranted, “It’s just so hard. I don’t realise that she feels like that – at all. I’m gonna be portrayed as the lesbian. I can’t do this anymore!” A stroppy Shabby didn’t help matters when she then told Ife, “I wonder if she’s flirting with me because it would make good TV? She doesn’t give a f*ck that this is difficult for me. She doesn’t give a sh*t about my feelings.” However, the mouthy housemate still couldn’t grasp the fact Caoimhe doesn’t like her in that way, telling Ife, “She gets quite jealous of the attention I pay to Sunshine. I obviously think she does like me.” They later kissed and made up (not literally), agreeing that they simply had a “strong connection”. Blimey! We wonder if love’s young dream will be split up come Friday, or if Sunshine will be the one heading home…