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Big Brother 2010

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Is it the end for Shabby and Caoimhe

Published on July 1, 2010

For some reason, even though she has a boyfriend who she has said she wants to marry, Shabby still thinks Caoimhe fancies her. Last night their whole weird, flirty, one-sided love affair came to a head after Shabby decided she’s had enough of the Irish housemate “leading her on”. Ife warned Caoimhe to be careful […]

Who will win the Battle of the BB babes tomorrow?

Published on

Dave the red dye-loving monk has escaped the threat of eviction yet again after winning the Save and Replace task yesterday, and has decided to nominate Caoimhe in his place. So, it’s a battle of the Big Brother ladies this Friday as the Irish beauty goes up against her best friend Shabby and John James’ […]

Big Brother treats Ben to some Morning Glory…

Published on June 29, 2010

Oh, we do love it when Big Brother plays tricks on the hosuemates – especially if the result of said trick makes the housemate in question look utterly ridiculous. This is exactly what happened to sleepy Ben when he refused to be roused by the BB alarm yesterday… Watch and enjoy. Oh, and just to […]

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