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Aston’s Signature Row!!

Published on March 11, 2009 under Britain's Got Talent,Celebrity Gossip

JLS have reportedly had a row with Britain’s Got Talent dancers Signature.

source; wenn

source; wenn

According to The Sun, the two acts fell out during negotiations over who will support Michael Jackson at his ‘This Is It’ O2 shows.

JLS’s Aston Merrygold, 21, allegedly called the Jackson-inspired dance duo “has beens” and a “circus act” backstage at the X Factor tour.

“It was a pretty nasty row. Aston was shrieking,” said a source. “He really laid into Signature – who were even considering pulling out of the tour.

“Everyone got very heated in the end and Aston had to be taken away to calm down.”

Signature apparently met Jackson after his press conference in London last week.

“It was a dream come true to meet Michael in the way I did because it was so calm and exciting at the same time,” said Signature’s Suleman Mirza. “I am grateful to him and his security for allowing me so much freedom and access.

“I am looking forward to these types of occasions again – and of course cannot wait for the 8 July, 2009 where the Return Of The King will show us all why he is always going to be the master.”