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Arlene Phillips on John Sargeant quitting Strictly Come Dancing

Published on November 19, 2008 under Celebrity Gossip,Strictly Come Dancing

Rather hypocritically, Arlene Phillips, one of the Strictly Come Dancing Judges, has now expressed her sadness that John Sargeant has quit the Saturday and Sunday night show.

Even though Arlene has at times been one of Johns fiercest critics, and basically begged the voting public not to vote for him,she said today : “I’m always sad if a contestant leaves of choice, because you are always expecting to let the public vote them in or out, but John is his own person and he has his own reasons for doing this.” She also says she doesn’t blame herself for his decision. “If you look back, we’ve actually been quite nice on this programme. Last week’s performance was an improved performance. There wasn’t a judge who didn’t say that.” Arlene was also quick to point out that John had provided many “funny, funny moments.”

Here at Bunny Bingo, we’re sad to see John go – not sure who to vote for now!