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Ang unhappy?

Published on February 19, 2009 under Celebrity Gossip

Angelina Jolie is unhappy with some parts of her body since giving birth to three children, it has been claimed.

The Changeling star was content with how she looked after the birth of her first biological child three years ago, but is less pleased with her physical form since the birth of her twins last year, Now reports.

A source close to Jolie said: “The biggest issues for her are her breasts – which she says are smaller and not as firm as they were before she breast-fed three children – and her stomach, which she’s described as ‘saggy’.

“She’s frustrated because no matter how much exercise she does, there’s still some skin that wrinkles.”

An insider told the publication that Jolie’s husband Brad Pitt tells her that she looks more beautiful than ever and will not let her put herself down.

Last week, Jolie was voted second in a list of ultimate screen beauties, losing out to Audrey Hepburn.