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Amy Winehouse addicted to Hole In The Wall

Published on December 19, 2008 under Celebrity Gossip,Shows

Amy Winehouse is reportedly addicted to Dale Wintons game show, Hole In The Wall. Winehouse thinks that the concept and the show are must see TV, and is even playing with the idea of appearing on the show.

However, show producers are not sure that letting a recovering Heroin addict, covered in tin foil, jumping through a hole in polysterene on prime time tv is a good idea.

The show features regular team captains Anton Du Bec and Darren Gough who each team up with two other celebrities to make 2 teams. The team is then faced with ever changing shapes in a fast moving wall which they must contort their body to fit through, or be pushed into a pool of water – sounds worse than it is, and has become a hit since its launch. The shows format is taken from a Japanese show of the same name and is now being rolled out worldwide.

Personally, we would love to see Winehouse give it a go!!