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A very merry ‘Madge & Ritchie’ Christmas?

Published on December 15, 2008 under Celebrity Gossip

Reports over the weekend have surfaced that Madonna and Guy Ritchie will spend Christmas together, despite divorcing a few weeks ago. This is apparently to show a more united front for their children.

This is also due to tabloid speculation that the pair have caused more arguing over where their children should eat their Christmas Lunch, with Guy Ritchie insisting Rocco and David should spend it with him in England, and pop Queen Madonna, desperate for her boys to be with her across the pond.

A source said: “Madonna and Guy want the best for the kids and so she has decided to come over to the UK so they can be with their father. The plan is for them to be together on Christmas Day at Ashcombe House.

They have now agreed to spend Christmas together, according to the Mail on Sunday, and Madge will arrive in the UK on the 23rd.