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Moss heads the uk bingo style icon list!

Published on February 10, 2009 under Celebrity Gossip

Kate Moss has been unveiled as the most copied uk bingo style icon in the UK.

The supermodel beat competition from Victoria Beckham and Cheryl Cole to be named the celebrity whose style women aspire to emulate.

Kate effortlessly puts outfits together. Whether skinny jeans or a vintage frock, she’s incredibly stylish,” said a representative from RagTrader, which carried out the survey.

Around 3,000 woman were polled, with 14% admitting that they copy their favourite celebrity’s fashion choices.

David Beckham and Justin Timberlake were named the top fashion inspirations for men.

The top ten most copied style icons in the UK are:

1. Kate Moss
2. Victoria Beckham
3. Cheryl Cole
4. Sienna Miller
5. Kylie Minogue
6. Coleen Rooney
7. Lily Allen
8. Jordan
9. Paris Hilton
10. Britney Spears