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About 90 Ball Bingo at UK online bingo sites

90 ball bingo is simply a variety of the 75 ball version popular with players in Europe, UK and Australia.

The main difference between the two games is in the bingo card. Instead of being 5 by 5, they are 9 by 3. Within the 9 squares across the card 5 will contain numbers, and the rest will remain blank.

There are different varieties of 90 Ball bingo based on the revealing patterns. This can give players extra opportunities to win prizes. For example, players may reveal numbers on any straight line so this could be the first, second or third row.

They may also reveal two lines, so any two rows would qualify for a prize. The third and most desired is the full house pattern where all rows are revealed. This will also result in the largest prize being given.

Many uk online bingo sites are creating interesting patterns of their own to provide more fun and even more chances for the player to win.